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Friday, 21 February 2014

MozCoffee Bangalore v4.0

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MozCoffee v4.0 was held on Feb 16, 2014 at Matteo Coffee, Bangalore.

After three disastrous MozCoffee meetups, finally we had Mozillians joining us at our fourth MozCoffee!

Thanks to Bram Pitoyo for joining us at the meet-up. Bram works for Mozilla, New Zealand as a UX designer and is in town for Meta Refresh conference.

We had two Mozilla Reps and 5 Mozillians at the meet-up.

We did not have a proper agenda prepared but yes we had a chat with Bram on Marketplace, FirefoxOS, SuMo, UX, FSA and ways to contribute in for the fresh Mozillians.

Me, Kaustav and Bram walked like crazy on the streets of Bangalore to find a mobile shop for FirefoxOS research.

Firefox Student Ambassadors is very popular among college students. We are getting a lot of requests from FSA's to conduct events at their colleges. Pretty soon we will be doing an event for FSA's at a college in Bangalore. Keep watching our Mozilla India social media channels for updates on the event.

Take away from the meet-up: good coffee, tummy full potatoes, loud music, great discussions, ways to contribute, awesome time :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mozilla Festival 2013 - Create, Learn, Share

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As an active member in the Webmaker project, I was invited to the Mozilla Festival which happened at Ravensbourne College, London. Mozilla Festival is renowned for bringing together the webmakers, innovators, creative minds together to build the Open Web. Here are my experiences at the Festival.

This year's MozFest was so huge and definitely is The Mother of all Conferences!

After the facilitator debriefing we had setup our Firefox Student Ambassadors booth at the event. Participants were quite interested; students being an FSA/Professors helping out FSA's at their college.

Meet +Vineel+Faye, and +Me with our booth :)
We had several tracks running in all the seven floors on the college. Each floor had a different theme.

One of the floor had Open Badges, it is a new online standard to recognize and verify learning. I prefer a digital badge to a paper badge to show around for the skills you have. Look at the amazing badges everyone created at the event. Just love the designs.

Badge Maker

At last, I met +Tobias in person at the Festival who was helping me organize events for Mozilla. I was helping with the booth 'Hack the T-shirt'. Look at the hacks all our participants made.

And the last day of the Festival, we had 'Web Origami' booth setup at the Maker Party as part of Hive India and it was amazing experince teaching x-ray goggles to the kids. 

Few makes of kids:

Rosarie O'Donohoe:
Arian and Dante:

It is not just booth, technology, talks, learning but also had fun playing Werefox, after event parties, random design.

Can’t wait to see the ideas that came and put into action from the Festival. Thanks for the marvelous time at MozFest for the second time in London!

Thanks to the fabulous +Michelle Thorne, Mozilla Festival Coordinator! :)

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Maker Party - FSMK Summer Camp

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The Maker Party event at FSMK summer camp Bangalore was just amazing!

The Free Software Movement Karnataka[1] is one of those communities which promotes open and free source initiatives.

They recently conducted a 9 day Summer Camp for the Engineering & Science students at JVIT college and approached us if we can include +Mozilla Webmaker event in the summer camp and gave one full day for the Maker Party! [2]

Gauthamraj and myself were planning with the event organizing and stuff. Thanks to +Gauthamraj for sorting and helping the event to actually happen! :)

On the event day we had our awesome Reps +Ankit  +Jai Pradeesh +Vineel and a couple of Mozillians +Jafar and +Jayakumar to help with the workshops.

The sessions started with Ankit showing on how to hack a website. The hands-on workshop went very well and we had so many hacks. One of them used Popcorn for calling out the volunteers[3].

The internet was very slow on the event day and the offline sources were very helpful for the smooth flow of the event.

The event was a huge success because I see people using the Webmaker tools when I attend few of the meetups. They use popcorn and thimble for creating invitations and videos.

The feedback we received from one of the participant:

"The next day was probably the only day which I can never forget, the mozilla webmaker party was just freaking amazing. It was so dam simple to modify any website, to give it a touch of our own personalization."

Blog from one of the participant [4].
Pictures of the event[5].

I couldn't stay at the event for very long though :(


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Make, Learn & Hack

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"Make something amazing with the Web!"

In the first week of March, I attended the Reps Training Days at Athens, Greece by Mozilla Foundation. 40 amazing Reps from all over the world came together to meet, discuss,  brainstorm on taking the Mozilla Webmaker Project forward. All the Reps are from different backgrounds, different languages. One common thing in all is "We love the Web."
Mozilla Reps 
First day was the Hive Athens Pop-up Event. It was a good learning experience where people from different environments come together and teach/learn stuff with the latest technologies. I was electrified and learnt some robotics and played with the electricity ;)

And the Training Days started:

The two days were full of brainstorming and discussions on the Webmaker tools, events, mentors, kits, hacktivities. Each of them had a different perspective and we've made the wall so colorful with all our ideas. 

The part which I loved the most. Yes, third day was the Test Event at British Council.

Teaching kids is fun. I was amazed to see, the kids know that Popcorn Maker is a video remixing tool and not a real Popcorn maker ;)

We had proper hacktivities and agenda prepared for this event and everything was hacked right from the start. Yeah, we tried to hack the British council computer system to start with.

The kids which I trained were of age 13 and they did create something amazing with the web. We used Popcorn Maker and remixed a lot of videos. It was so easy for them to learn the tools, rather it was easy for me to teach the tools to them. A kid remixed a video for an F1 competition at his school (He is also a web developer at his school). 

Poor thing. Firefox was not updated on their laptops and it took a while to get the updated version installed on it. In the meantime, IE was so generous to us and Popcorn Maker worked like a charm! 

Would've been great if we did a full day event rather than a half day event.

Suggestions from the kids for Popcorn Maker:
  1. Need an option to remix two or more videos at a time
  2. Need a download option (It is hard, but can get an addon like video downloader?)
  3. Need a 5 minute plain white background video to create a new video out of it
Looking forward to do a similar event for kids at British Council in the coming month at Bangalore.

Thanks to +Michelle Thorne , +Laura Hilliger , Mark, Gunner. You guys are amazing!
I still wonder how can you be so energetic all the day! :-/

You know or don't know the code and want to make something amazing with the web? Mozilla Webmaker is the right place! :)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mozilla in 2012

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Mozilla helped make the Web more and more awesome in 2012. Social API & Facebook integration, Firefox Marketplace, Webmaker, Firefox OS and a lot more. We’re excited to share some of the highlights of Mozilla this year in facts, figures and pictures. It’s all part of our commitment to innovating on behalf of people everywhere and continuing to build a brighter future for the Web in 2013 and beyond.”